The Future of Life Science 2023

Healthy longevity, next-generation therapeutics, and precision health 

May 4- 5 2023, Engelsberg Ironwork 

Moderator: Anya Sitaram

Anya Sitaram is a conference moderator and documentary producer specialising in global health, science, the environment, and international development. Anya is a former BBC news anchor and Health and Science correspondent. She is the founding director of the film and television production company Rockhopper Media. 

May 4

  9:30  Bus from central Stockholm 

12:00  Lunch at Engelsberg Ironworks

13:00  SESSION 1. Introduction to healthy longevity - Biological, medical, and societal perspectives.

The session focuses on healthy longevity and the biological and societal factors contributing to today's health and life expectancy. How is health distributed in the world today? How does the aging process affect disease processes and susceptibility to debilitating conditions? What can we expect in the future regarding the ability to increase the number of healthy years for each of us?      

  • Ola Rosling - CEO, Gapminder 
  • Sara Hägg - Associate professor in molecular epidemiology at the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Karolinska Institutet 
  • Peter Ottsjö - Author of the book “Evigt ung” (Forever Young), Science and technology journalist at Ny Teknik

14:45  Coffee

15:30  SESSION 2. Next-generation therapeutics - Regenerative medicine, gene and cell therapies.

The session focuses on the development of therapeutics in the coming years. What new types of therapeutics are expected to reach the market? What benefits will they provide and what challenges need to be solved? How can advanced therapeutics be made accessible at reasonable costs? 

  • Karina Thorn - Corporate Vice President of RNA & Gene Therapies, Novo Nordisk  
  • Anna Falk - Professor in developmental neurobiology, Lund University 
  • Johan Rockberg - Professor, Division of Protein Technology, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology 
  • Maria Rankka - Executive Chairman, Cellcolabs. Co-founder ABC Labs 

19:00  Dinner


May 5

  8:30  SESSION 3. Precision medicine, precision health, and prevention.

The session focuses on the research and development that enables tailoring disease prevention and treatment based on differences in people's individual factors such as genes, environment, and lifestyle. How will the interplay between basic research, computational analysis, and the development of diagnostics result in new treatments? What is the status of the implementation of precision medicine and precision health? How will the roles of pharmaceutical companies change in the new and evolving healthcare landscape?  

  • Claudia Langenberg - Director Precision Healthcare University Research Institute, Queen Mary University of London  
  • Adil Mardinoglu – Professor, Division of Systems Biology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Professor of Systems Biology, King’s College London 
  • Samuel-Philip Nobs – Senior postdoctoral fellow, Weizmann Institute of Science 
  • Jakob Tellgren - Vice President and Head of Nordic and Baltic Region, MSD 

10:00  Coffee

10:30  SESSION 4. Perspectives on the shift to precision medicine and preventive care.

The session focuses on how the emergence of novel advanced therapeutics, precision medicine, and new insights into prevention will affect our lives today and tomorrow. Implications on a global scale and for the individual will be discussed. To enable healthy longevity, what is needed from research, healthcare systems, and society? How can the hurdles for preventive care be addressed? Can we anticipate the emerging challenges connected to longer lifespans?    

  • Sarah Neville - Global Health Editor, Financial Times 
  • Lars Sandman - Professor in health ethics. Director at National Centre for Priorities in Health, Linköping university 
  • Eskil Degsell - Patient involvement expert, Karolinska Institutet 

12:00  Lunch

13:00  Bus back to central Stockholm