The future of life science:

The data revolution in life science and healthcare

May 12-13, 2022



Data has always been the foundation for research. Today, the number of available data sources and data points is ever-increasing. In combination with advanced computational power and advancing methods for analysis, data can today provide new insights at an unprecedented level. During the last two years, the sharing of data has shown to be instrumental in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

At the same time, there are challenges regarding data handling, regulations and integrity that need to be addressed. How should data be used for the benefit of society in a sustainable manner? What are the new research questions that can be addressed with new data? How will personal integrity be protected? This symposium is a unique opportunity to get a qualified overview on the topic and to discuss the possibilities that these new developments offer.

Future of Life Science aims at bringing together experts from different fields to discuss how the latest breakthroughs in life science affect society today and tomorrow. The participants include scientists, pharmaceutical industry executives, healthcare professionals, investors, policy, and decision-makers as well as journalists. The symposium is by invitation only and will include presentations from leading scientists and will be followed by moderated discussions.

The Future of Life Science 2022 will be moderated by Adam Ruterford, geneticist, science author and broadcaster on BBC Inside Science.

This is a by invitation only symposium with a limited number of participants. If you wish to receive an invitation please contact

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Where and When

Engelsberg ironworks

May 12-13, 2022

The symposium takes place at the beautiful setting of Engelsbergs Bruk – a UNESCO world heritage site – two hours north of Stockholm.

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