The Future of Life Science:

Healthy longevity, next-generation therapeutics, and precision health

May 4-5, 2023



At The Future of Life Science 2023, we will explore healthy longevity, next-generation therapeutics, precision health, and the dream of eternal life. In the last century, the average lifespan has almost doubled globally. This extraordinary achievement has been made possible through innovations within medicine and technology and the development of supportive societal structures. Will this development continue in the future? Will we be able to live until we turn 150, and will our healthy years make a larger share than today? How will new advanced therapeutics and advances within precision medicine and prevention contribute, and how will we bring access to these innovations to all corners of the world? 

The Future of Life Science aims to bring together experts from different fields to discuss how the latest breakthroughs in life science affect society today and tomorrow. The participants include scientists, pharmaceutical industry executives, healthcare professionals, investors, policy and decision-makers, and journalists. The symposium is by invitation only and will include presentations from leading scientists and will be followed by moderated discussions.

The symposium 2023 is arranged by Stockholm Science City Foundation in collaboration with Nordstjernan.

This is a by-invitation-only symposium with a limited number of participants. If you wish to receive an invitation, please contact

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Where and When

Engelsberg ironworks

May 4-5, 2023

The symposium takes place at the beautiful setting of Engelsbergs Bruk – a UNESCO world heritage site – two hours north of Stockholm.

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