Symposium at Engelsberg Ironworks

The future of life science

Life science has always been about deciphering biological complexity. With the tools at hand during the 20th century, biomedical scientists had to use a reductionist approach, where problems were studied one at a time. With the rapid development over recent decades of new technology and novel methods of analysing data, we are now – in the 21st century – in a position where complex integrated biological systems can be studied holistically.

Technology is taking an increasing role in both academic research and healthcare, pushing a need for strategic investments and clever use of infrastructure and expertise. New types of cross-disciplinary collaborations are needed as science, healthcare and engineering converge and totally new opportunities arise in our connected and digitalised society.

“The future of life science” project is a collaboration between the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation and the Stockholm Science City Foundation to organise international symposiums to discuss the future of healthcare, science and life science in general. The aim of this collaboration is to bring forth relevant questions and trigger discussions among experts, academics, public officials and private companies.

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